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Famous Last Words

February 4, 2021

Wow. First off Hello! There are way more of you reading this blog then I anticipated. I knew for sure my momma would read it (thanks mom) but there are so many more of you that showed your support and excitement as well so thanks!

Have you ever thought something, or said something out loud maybe to a friend or spouse that is so definite that you immediately think “I hope I don’t regret this later.”? Like so matter of fact, decision made, no chance of changing my mind statement that God kinda chuckles and probably thinks “is that so?”. You know, like famous last words?

My husband had one of those moments when we were pregnant with our 2nd child. At our gender ultrasound we were told it was a boy, we picked out a boy name, got rid of the girl clothes and moved forward in that direction. After our second ultrasound (again confirming “it’s a boy”) I said to him “maybe we should pick a girls name, you know, just in case.” His famous last words were… “Deb they don’t get this stuff wrong. We don’t need a girls name”. A few weeks later, a bad April fools joke and a c section later .. SURPRISE It’s a girl!

That’s really a story for another day though. Today we are talking about my most recent (I have them a lot, I should really know better by now) famous last words.

My husband and I have been married for 11 years now. We’ve been through the ringer a time or two and it’s taken us 11 years to finally buy and purchase our first house. It took a lot of work, several side hustles and a great support system to finally get us to a place where we were ready. In 2017 we moved into a rental house in Texas that, at the time, fit our family perfectly. Budget, size, yard and a fireplace made it the perfect little space for our family. As the years progressed our kids grew which meant the space they occupied needed to grow as well. They joined sports which meant sports gear. They are close in age, which means they get in fights sometimes and just needed to be separated. Plus given our cajun background our house is always a revolving door of friends and family coming over for food, football or an afternoon chat. Basically… we out grew the house.

Like somewhat responsible adults my husband and I put together a time frame, budget and set goals to prepare for buying our first house. After months of working on our credit score and window shopping online for what we wanted in a house, the day came in September of 2020 where we were finally ready to start visiting houses. We set out with 5 houses on our list and a great realtor. The first one we visited was at the top of our list and before we even walked out of it, it was already a no. We saw a three more contenders that were nice but we would definitely be settling. There was one more on the list (and i’m sure you can see where this is going) that my husband was really excited for. I didn’t even want to go look at it. It didn’t have a fireplace (yes even in Texas its a big deal to me) and it was missing several other things I knew we needed but regardless, he wanted to look at it. My response “We can go, but I can tell you it’s already a no for me”


We walked in viewed the house and then stood in the kitchen with our realtor to go over specs and I knew I’d regret my famous last words. I’m a very visual person so standing there at the island I could visualize the kids running around getting ready for school, or a football game on in the living room and friends gathered round for a birthday party. It was missing a fireplace and some quirkiness (it was very builder grade, cookie cutter) but I knew it would be ours. I’m not quit sure who wrote up the listing for the house because they missed 2 KEY elements. Neither the upstairs game room nor the office where listed and both of those things where big “NEEDS” on my list. Regardless we walked out and made an offer. Over the next few days we consulted a few people and had a few professional (and parental) inspections and everything fell into place.

In December of 2020 we moved in and celebrated Christmas in our new house! I say ALLLLLLLL that to say, we’re working on the character of the home. Like I mentioned before it was a very cookie cutter/builder grade style house. Over the last few months we have already made small changes that have totally changed the look and feel of the house. I started posting pictures and stories of it on my Instagram and the response was overwhelming. So many of you had questions and comments about the changes we were making. Many of those comments were “you should start a blog” and look … here we are.

So thats a little back story behind how my famous last words turned into buying our dream house and now getting to do fun things like painting 2 bathroom walls for 6 hours and still not being finished. Or painting and entire room black (yes I really did that and I LOVE it). All those stories will be coming don’t worry.

Until then… enjoy this fun photo of me and my crazy crew in front the house I didn’t think I wanted but God knew would be perfect for us.


P.S. Mom thanks for the Turkey you cooked and brought us for turkey sandwiches the first night in our new house. An easier meal has never been cooked in our house since.






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  1. Misty Verret says:

    So so proud of you guys!