Nice to meet you, I’m Debby, and I love all things Jesus, Coffee, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

 In 2004 I had just moved to Texas from South Louisiana to attend college. I got a job at a Picture People in North Star Mall and had no experience other than being really good around kids. They began to teach me the art of studio photography and I was hooked. I got a used camera and carried it everywhere with me. Over the years I began to study and take online courses to learn more about all aspects and types of photography. In 2008 I moved back to South Louisiana, met my husband, got married in 2009 and we began to try to have a family. We lost our first child in 2010 and proceeded to have 3 more miscarriages after that. I stepped away from photography, put my camera down and focused on my health and our family’s future. In 2013 we welcomed our daughter into the world. Followed by another daughter and then a son the following years. At one point we were raising 3 kids under three and life was a circus.In 2016 my family and I moved to the Hill Country of Texas and I picked my camera back up. Now I spend my days exploring the world around me with my family, friends and camera. I work hard to create a unique experience and capture images that both tell stories and capture the personality of the individuals I photograph.

About me!



Amazing courthouse wedding photographs!! She is adaptable, easy going, and walked us through the poses. 100% recommended for anyone’s special day!


an ACE
with kids!

Cannot say enough good things about this woman!!! Debby is dedicated to her clients and worked so well with our daughter (who is tough to keep on task)!

She will happily discuss ideas, locations, poses and anything that you believe important for your photo shoot. She is an ACE with kids and is the friendliest person you could possibly meet.

We loved taking the photos with her and seeing the final product. She captured so many precious moments for us and we love her work!